Collection: Powerful Stones

Poweful Stones: Power stones from Engelsrufer

Experience the natural beauty and power of Engelsrufer's Powerful Stones. Each stone in this collection, including malachite, tiger's eye, red jasper, rose quartz, blue agate and lapis lazuli, holds a unique energy and impact.

Malachite represents protection and luck, while Tiger's Eye provides balance and insight. Red jasper radiates vitality and strength, while rose quartz represents love and harmony. Blue agate promotes health and balance, while lapis lazuli symbolizes trust and wisdom.

Discover the various ways to care for your power stones. Mechanical cleaning by gently rubbing under running water removes stored information. For energetic cleansing, place the stone in a collection of hematites or amethysts overnight. You can then charge your stones - moonstones under the moonlight and sunstones in the morning sun.

Experience the powerful energy of the Powerful Stones and let yourself be enchanted by their natural beauty.